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Waifu Generator

Waifu Generator

The Waifu Generator

Welcome to our Waifu generator! It's our awesome game to help you find the perfect Waifu match for you! The rules are simple:

How to use the Waifu Generator

The waifu generator was made for those Otaku that even though they have logged countless hours of anime watching, they just can't seem to single in on a waifu.

For a lot of us in the Waifu game, Waifus come and go with the change of the season. While we do have our old and original Waifus that we will always hold dear to our hearts, they amount of sexy Waifus being pumped out by the anime industry season over season makes it hard to keep up with all of the seemingly endless amount of sexy 2-D women out there. This waifu game can also help with this!